fredag 30 augusti 2019

Attention Email Owner

Facebook Company Ltd
The Netherlands


Dear Winner,

This is to inform you that your facebook online profile post has just WON in the Facebook Lottery Jackpot 2018-2019,which was sponsored and organized by Microsoft, Webmaster Inc and Facebook Officials. Subscribers and few Companies domains were selected and your e-mail address emerged as one of the Selected Facebook Winner and also the 5th from the 9th beneficiary to gain from this promotion.

*********PRIZES WON**********

One Million, Fifty Thousand United States Dollars [$1,050,000.00 USD] One Facebook Medium Face-Cap Facebook T-Shirt (medium, Blends with Cap) Facebook Shopping Bag (Male Wallet) Facebook Winning Certificate.

Below are your approved details to claim your winnings.

*********REFERENCE DETAILS***********

Online Ticket Number: 889-026-1319
Serial Number: 101-116-2019
Facebook Winning Number: 31-U20-FL12

To file for your claim, kindly contact our Clearing House Department in charge of your claim by e-mail:

Contact Person: Dr. Lucas Jensen
(Claims Manager)
Phone Contact: +31 685137009
0800-023-1303: only in the Netherlands

Yours Truly
Mrs.Linda Seifert
Lottery Co-ordinator.
All right reserved facebook terms.

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